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VISIT THE NEW SITE FOR THIS CHILDREN'S MAGICIAN ACT - CLICK HERE!  Christopher Howell’s fun and interactive magician shows for children are endorsed by Time Out’s annual publication London for Children and his shows have drawn rave reviews from parents and teachers alike. Children's entertainers are usually renown for their slapstick mayhem, lewd jokes and having kids bouncing off the walls of your home.  Instead, Christopher is a new breed amongst childrens entertainers that makes use of the kids’ vibrant imaginations.  His show is a magical island adventure story about a friendly cloaked magician, talking animals and pirates who have cast a spell on the island.  Songs also feature in the act with music composed for this show by singer-songwriter Elisabeth Blair.  The children come up to help out at every turn and very often the magic happens right in their own hands, all leading up to the story’s happy ending!  The show lasts about 45 minutes and as a booking option, children can also have a special ‘balloon animal’ to take home as they can be made up during lunch or tea.

London magician Christopher Howell’s children’s act is ideal for ages 4 to 7.  It’s also good to remember that Christopher is a consummate professional, and to date has never let a client down.  Additionally, if you require more children's entertainers than just Christopher for your party, we are happy to arrange this.  Proceeds from each performance will be donated to the Roald Dahl Foundation.  Keep reading to see what other people say about Christopher Howell’s performances as a London children’s entertainer




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What people have to say about
this London Children's Entertainer…

'We thought that the show was wonderful. I have never seen so many small children sitting so absorbed in such a great storytelling / magic act, only minutes after coming off a bouncy castle. … Tom still talks about you by name and the tricks that he helped you perform.’

-Mrs. J. Simpson Day, mother who invited Christopher as children's entertainer for her 4-year-old’s party in London

'This charming performance held the attention of children and adults alike. Part magic, part adventure, this imaginative tale takes you to an island where anything can happen.'

- N. Cary, Museum of Childhood, V&A (Bethnal Green)


‘Christopher has a natural and relaxed manner with children…He knew exactly how to capture and how to sustain their interest…. They loved every minute of it.’

-Mrs. Shiralee Puzey, Headmistress, Thomas’s School, Pimlico, London (Children’s entertainer for age 4)


‘He held an audience of over 60 excitable fidgety and temperamentally restless school boys spellbound for an hour (and their teachers, too)…an excellent show!’

-Mr. M. Spilberg, Headmaster, Lyndhurst House Preparatory School, Hampstead, London. 


'We were impressed and amazed at how you managed to captivate the kids for the whole show, brilliant! I had many comments from other parents about how good they thought you were with the kids, very gentle and calm, and how much they enjoyed the show. You helped make the party very successful with lots of happy kids and parents.'

-Mrs R. Attfield, mother who organized Christopher Howell to come as children’s entertainer for her 5-year-old’s party


'It was a …spectacular show. The children were engrossed from beginning to end and participated eagerly throughout.’

-Miss K. Reese, Teacher, Fleet Primary School, Hampstead, London (children’s entertainer show for ages 4-7)


London children's entertainer


‘I was particularly impressed that although the afternoon was very lively and interactive it was also well controlled and organised. The children had great fun and were very keen to tell me how much they enjoyed themselves.’

-Mrs. E. Birkett-Evans, School Manager, Thomas’s School, Kensington, London (childrens entertainer for ages 4-6)


'Christopher captured the children's imaginations, taking them on an exciting journey into the realms of magic. He has a wonderful manner with the children, involving them in his activities to the extent that they were hanging onto his every word and action! We highly recommend Christopher's magic shows.’

-Mrs. D. Davies, Wetherby School, Notting Hill Gate, (childrens entertainer for ages 4-7)


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More about
Christopher Howell…

Christopher Howell is a full-time professional magician originally from the U.S.A., based in London since 1994.  He is a Member of the Magic Circle, Equity, is fully insured and has a CRB clearance.  He also works throughout the UK and internationally as a magician for adults, presenting sophisticated close-up and stage magic. 


Visit for Christopher Howell’s full biography, CV and info on his performances for ‘kids… at heart’.


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Christopher Howell - American magician in London
Christopher Howell - American magician in London
Christopher Howell - American magician in London
Christopher Howell - American magician in London
Christopher Howell - American magician in London