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The Magic Circle:
A London magician's journey in...

The mission statement of The Magic Circle is laid out… "To be acknowledged as the premier magical society in the world by magicians and the public alike through the pursuit of the highest standards and the promotion of the art of magic and the appreciation of its heritage."  The club was formed in 1905 and in 1998 it upgraded to its new purpose-built headquarters in Euston, London boasting an extensive library, museum, clubrooms and intimate theatre for magicians from around the world to gather in, network and develop their art.  The Magic Circle is also called The Centre for the Magical Arts.

Magic Circle LogoWanting to be a Magic Circle Magician in the UK, several years before becoming a member, I went along on a meeting night to the headquarters, nestled away in a dark alley behind Euston Square, to try and see what it was all about.  To my surprise, the suspicious doorman wouldn’t let me through the entrance; even with my smile and having produced my magician calling card magically to prove I wasn’t a mere prowler in search of magicians’ secrets, he was nonplussed.  The man at the door informed me I had to either be invited or come as a member and he turned me away. 

It wasn’t until several years later that it was the other way around.  This time, a group of magicians from The Magic Circle found me instead.  In this case, I was performing in a residency as a table magician at a restaurant behind the Royal Festival Hall.  The waitress said the guests at one of her tables had asked to have a show by the magician and so I went over to perform for the three gentlemen who were awaiting their entertainment.  After the fact, one of the younger ones thanked me and indicated to the older one, saying
I should probably know I had just performed for the examinations secretary of The Magic Circle.  They then invited me as a guest to The Magic Circle Headquarters and I went through my interview and subsequent examination before being awarded membership. 

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