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“How in the world did you do that?!”
–Stephen Hawking

Close-up magician Christopher Howell performing table magic.

CLOSE-UP MAGICIAN Christopher Howell

Member of The Magic Circle Christopher Howell is one of London's most sought after close-up magicians. He has trained with master magicians in Las Vegas, Chicago and London, and has performed around the world for private parties, corporate entertainment and celebrity events. Christopher has also featured in commercials and has performed at celebrated venues such as The Magic Castle in Hollywood and the Wintergarten in Berlin.

Christopher's classic close-up magic is interactive, playful and sometimes uses borrowed items to perform the magic, encouraging guests to meet each other. His close-up magic is ideal for your drinks reception, as table entertainment between courses, or in a breakaway room where small groups are invited for intimate performances during your event.

Check out the photos of Christopher's close-up magic in action.

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Close-up magician Christopher Howell and his 3 oranges finale.Close-up magician Christopher Howell entertains the wedding couple.Close-up magician Christopher Howell performs after dinner.Close-up magician Christopher Howell performs during cocktails.Christopher Howell close-up magician entertains at a prohibition party.Close-up magician Christopher Howell helps a guest do magic.Close-up magician Christopher Howell borrows a volunteer's ring.Close-up magician Christopher Howell entertains at the table.Close-up magician Christopher Howell mixes with guests.Close-up magician Christopher Howell reveals the card she imagined.Close-up magician Christopher Howell entertains Professor Stephen Hawking.Close-up magician Christopher Howell performs table magic.
Close-up magician Christopher Howell performs for Colin Firth.

Close-up magic fit for celebrities

Fashion designer Stella McCartney's elegant main event for a recent London Fashion Week took place at The Royal Institution in Mayfair at which Christopher Howell was invited to perform close-up magic. He had the opportunity to entertain the star-studded guest list including Academy Award winner Colin Firth, Dame Leslie Lawson (Twiggy) and Sir Paul McCartney.

Christopher has performed at other celebrity events on various occasions for the film, music, fashion and television industry. Some of these special occasions included new season launches for Canali and Hackett menswear and a new magazine edition release in Paris for The Gentlewoman magazine.

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Close-up magician Norvil and the Vedettes gossip on the sofa.
Close-up magician Norvil holds a knotted hanky while the vedettes look on in wonder.
Close-up magician Norvil stands with scissors while the vedettes flank him holding a rope between them.
Close-up magician Norvil approaches a group of guests while a vedette stands next to him.
Norvil and the vedettes perform close-up magic at a table.

Deluxe Close-up Magic

Christopher's deluxe close-up magic builds on his classic version in a theatrically immersive way. He appears as his extravagantly comical alter ego Norvil whilst two glamourous vedettes assist him with his close-up magic performances. Together they dazzle and delight your guests in equal measure.

The best parties have the most unusual guests so with Norvil and the Vedettes you're sure to invite the most unusually magical guests of all. Together they will work the room with their comedy walkabout shows and give your guests entertainment they'll never forget.

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