These vaudeville magic acts
will fill your party with gasps,
laughter and glamour.

the solo act
the double act

The best parties have the most unusual guests…


This act has appeared at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. In his mischievously charismatic style, Norvil performs his one-of-a-kind magic and sometimes even sings. It is an unforgettable performance full of wonder and theatrical delight that has been booked from living rooms to grand theatres around the world.  Alternatively if you prefer some immersive entertainment instead, you can invite Norvil to perform his whimsical vaudevillian walkabout magic with his glamourous vedettes.

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Magician Norvil holds fists on hips with cheeky expression and a rope on his shoulder in his Vaudeville magic show.Magician Norvil holds a newspaper with house mouth open in shock during his Vaudeville solo magic show.Lady from audience stands laughing with Norvil on stage in his Vaudeville magic show while they hold a thread between them.Norvil holds a boquet of yellow flowers with the other arm outsretched in his Vaudeville magic show.Norvil holds a magnifying glass up to his eye while holding a pin cushion in the other hand in his Vaudeville magic show.Norvil holds a needle with his mouth open as a lady from audience watches nervously during his Vaudeville magic show.Norvil holds a flower up in the air standing on stage during his Vaudeville magic show.Norvil holds a picture frame as a fireball erupts from the frame's surface during his Vaudeville style magic show.


Norvil & Josephine have appeared on prestigious stages such as Berlin’s Wintergarten, London’s Hackney Empire and Leeds City Varieties.  They perform a show full of magical entertainment that’s unlike any other.  They seamlessly blend illusions with breathtaking acrobatics and singing as they redefine the cliché of the vintage magician with his dutiful assistant.  The show can be adapted to suit different performance situations. Check out the official Norvil & Josephine website!

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Norvil faces audience while Josephine hides behind him and sticks her hands out to make it look like he has four arms.Josephine does a handstand with splits on a golden trunk in the Vaudeville show Norvil & Josephine.Norvil holds a handkerchief in one hand while casting a spell with another in the Norvil & Josephine show.Josephine grimaces as Norvil pulls the sawing in half box over the blade and they make funny faces in Norvil & Josephine.Norvil holds up two big metal rings and Josephine presents in the background in the Vaudeville style show Norvil & Josephine.Josephine dressed in a Loie Fuller costume makes funny face at Norvil behind his back as he starts to turn in Norvil & Josephine.Norvil holds is manacled hands out standing in a trunk while Josephine moves behind him in Norvil & Josephine.Norvil stands in Josephine's dress as she stands up in trunk in a bunny costume in the Vaudeville style show Norvil & Josephine.