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London magician Christopher Howell in a promotional image.

A London Magician secret

I meet hundreds of people every week when performing as a close-up magician.  After I’ve presented that immersive entertainment for them and sometimes they’ve asked about how I ended up on this side of the pond as an American magician in London, it’s usually a surprise for them to find out my little secret. My secret is that I am frequently in shows performing magic as a character with a handlebar moustache wearing makeup like Rudolph Valentino!  It's hard to keep this secret though because I love performing theatrical magic shows like this.

This mustachioed monsieur is called Norvil and I play him in my Vaudeville style double act Norvil & Josephine.  We perform it often when we’re booked to put on a show as corporate magicians , or for party magic or in theatre shows.  Norvil may pop up on this site where you least expect it so be prepared!

A bit of a dream-come-true, I recently was looking forward to debuting the act in Berlin’s Wintergarten variety theatre when the surprise – this time – was all on me, the magician! The publicity was out and the flights were booked when ‘Josephine’ – after a week of painful walking -- sent me a text of an x-ray of her broken foot! They didn’t invent the phrase ‘the show must go on!’ for nothing! And indeed the show did go on. How? Well that's another story...

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